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About Boland Technology

Boland Technology is led by Bernie Boland and brings the latest Technical Solutions to the automotive, boating and aviation world. Age wise, Boland Technology is a relatively new company, started in 2013, but collectedly utilizes over 60 years of combined engineering experience focusing on engineering excellence with the desire to be one of the Leaders in LED Lighting Solutions and Car Audio.

Boland Technology specializes in the latest design, parts and manufacturing technology to give you the highest quality product available. Boland Technology is an American Company that takes an idea from concept, through every stage, to a complete product. When we say “Made In the USA” that’s exactly what we mean! Learn More.

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Though all BTi products are available online, we encourage you to get to know your local BTi dealers. They can offer you the personal attention, local knowledge, and courteous professionalism that are hallmarks of our marque dealer network. In addition, through volume purchasing, they may offer more competitive pricing than you will find on our website. Use our dealer locator to find the nearest authorized dealer, or call or email us if you would like to recommend a dealer in your area that you would like to buy from.

Find a Dealer

I experienced my first BTI brand Underwater LED lights the other night at Lake Pleasant. I had read about marine LED lights before but seeing them in person was nothing short of amazing. I have been at the lake after dark on other occasions and have seen other brands of LED lights glowing under the water but they weren’t even in the same ballpark. The BTI lights lit up the water around the boat for a good fifty feet plus. I can’t wait to get a pair for my boat!

– Bob Walker
Scottsdale, Arizona